Learning Through Land (Yorkshire)

Tracsis Geo Intelligence are set to discuss Sustainability and Innovation at the “Learning Through Land” Event

Harrogate, UK – Monday, 11 March 2024

Tracsis Geo Intelligence Commercial Director, Phil Baldacchino-Steward, will be a panellist at the upcoming “Learning Through Land – A Confluence” event, organised by the Yorkshire Food, Farming & Rural Network.

The event, taking place on Monday, 11th March 2024 in Harrogate, UK, will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by rural businesses, focusing on achieving sustainability and fostering innovation.

Tracsis Geo Intelligence utilise geospatial data and technology to drive sustainable practices across various industries, with  a commitment to supporting the development of innovative solutions that empower businesses to operate more efficiently and responsibly.

Learning Through Land – Exploring Key Topics

The “Learning Through Land” event delves into several critical topics relevant to the future of rural businesses, including:

Reaching Net-Zero and Energy Efficiency

This session will explore strategies for achieving net-zero emissions in the agricultural sector.

Our geospatial data analysis offering can contribute valuable insights into monitoring land use, measuring carbon footprint, and identifying areas for improvement in resource management.

Yorkshire’s Circular Economy Journey

The panel will discuss Yorkshire’s pioneering efforts to become the UK’s first circular economy market town.

A circular market town aims to minimise waste, conserve resources, and reduce its environmental footprint.

An approach which fosters innovation, creates local jobs, and strengthens the local economy, making it a win-win for both the environment and the community.

The Role of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)

This discussion will explore the potential of BECCS as a sustainable energy source and its role in mitigating climate change.

Earth Observation (EO) data plays a vital role in monitoring and mapping biomass resources, a crucial aspect of evaluating the feasibility and sustainability of BECCS projects.


Enabling Sustainability Through Innovation

Tracsis Geo Intelligence is a leading provider of geospatial data and intelligence solutions.

We leverage advanced technologies like EO, AI, and machine learning to empower businesses in various sectors, including agriculture, to make data-driven decisions that promote sustainability and achieve environmental goals.

By combining this with the insights gained from the event, our aim is to contribute to building a more sustainable and resilient future for Yorkshire and beyond.

About TGI

Tracsis Geo Intelligence, a sister company of Compass Informatics, emerges with a sharpened focus on Earth Observation, Sustainability, and the UK Market.

We are looking forward to connecting with everyone who is attending the event, in the meantime you can learn more about us from either of the below links.

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